Quake was huge in the mid to late nineties. One can say that Doom pioneered LAN multiplayer and mods, with Quake bringing the multiplayer to the internet over large distances and gave more power to mod makers. At the time, “the internet” was just a tiny decentralized fraction of what it is today, but Quake was everywhere.

Myself, living in small city far away from the major metropolitan areas of my country, couldn’t play properly with most people (I had a 1000ms dial-up ping at first, although it improved to 400ms by the early 2000s before ADSL came) and resorted to exploring and dissecting the game. I read every Quake-related news that I could, learned every little corner of the code and played hundreds of maps and mods (total and partial convertions, as mods were called) during these years.

With time, I will try to document or at least note what I learned and explored during this era.

Here are some snapshots of old brazilian sites dedicated to modding Quake 1 and other related games. They have been last updated from 1998 to 2002.

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