Spinal’s “ToTaL DeSTRuCTioN II” Quake Server

“Total Destruction 2” was a very popular mod for Quake 1 in Brazil during 1999-2002. During the end of its lifetime, I was the maintainer after the original creator Fábio “Spinal” Reis Cecin decided that he was bored with Quake.

I also didn’t maintain it for long, but it was a fun experience. Recently I’ve found a small last patch that I don’t remember releasing and I’ve decided to finally release it as version 2.10. It’s dated May 14 2003 and wasn’t even compiled. Fixes two small bugs (weapon cycling selecting the axe when you don’t have it and the infamous “revenant zombie” lockup bug caused by the forced respawn introduced in the 2.08 version.) The archive contains a full manual.

Download (td210_with_sources.rar)

Update Mar 29 2016: More bugfixes and random respawns! Download (td211_with_sources.rar)

(Warning: brazilian portuguese mod! The english version was never updated past 2.063)