Game replay value

Sometimes I wonder, is it just me getting old or have the new games (from the mid-2000’s to nowadays) increasingly lost their replay value? I can easily replay many, many pre-2000 games from start to finish yet again, but most new games I buy only get one playthrough, if that much.

First person shooters are the worst offenders. While I can replay Doom or Quake as many times as I want, the oldest FPS that I replayed was Half-Life 2, which is now over ten years old!

Sometimes I think this is related to nostalgia and everything that comes with getting old, sometimes I think that it’s just the excessive attention to graphics detail and general gameplay blandness (in other words, more graphics, less gameplay) that make this happen. Either way, with all the retro-mania that’s going on lately, I can find places to buy old games (not just fancy new indie games that pretend to be retro but have mostly the same gameplay blandness as the newer ones) at affordable prices and that I will replay much more than the expensive new AAA ones. Also, Nintendo gets my kudos for releasing most of the new games that I can withstand replaying.

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